Rishon Le-Zion Colony Medallion


Depicts scenes of the settlement, above: the date "5642"; surrounded by the verse  "They are Rishon LeZion (first of Zion) and I will bring the herald to Jerusalem / Rishon LeZion Colony".

  • Rishon Le-Zion Colony Medallion
  • Rishon Le-Zion Colony Medallion

Identifer: CJF-RFC2015211


Copper medal, minted on the occasion of the establishment of Rishon LeZion, 1882
This medal was also issued in silver (23mm)

See the Shekel Vol. V, #4, p. 18.
A similar medal was offered in Rosenblum’s Rare Coins Nov. 2004 Mailbid sale.  Lot 790.


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