Alfred Pollak R. von Rudin Plaque


Left-facing bearded man. Below the bust is the man's name, Alfred Pollak R. von Rudin, and below that -- presumably -- the family crest. The crest has the dates of Alfred's life, 1845-1915, and the day 18 Februar above it. In a ribbon below the crest is the Latin logo, "Labori Honos Suus," roughly translated to "Labor [is one's] Own Honor." In the lower right corner is the name of the Austrian sculptor Hans Schaefer (1875-?).

Identifer: CJF-RFC2015355


This plaque was designed by sculptor Hans Schaefer 
The Pollak von Rudin family was prominent in Vienna and Austrian Jewish society, based on the pioneering success of the elder Rudin's (Adolph, 1817-1884) business making matches and sealing wax. He discovered non-toxic red phosphorous, an essential ingredient in today's matches. The company ultimately had several factories in other countries and employed 3,000 workers. It is likely that son Alfred carried on the business.

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