Beit Haknesset B’nai Avraham Entrance Sign (Cincinnati, Ohio)


Description:   Painted plywood base and applied letters, arched top.  Black base, with gold Hebrew letters to read, “Beit Haknesset B’nai Avraham.”  Preserved with shellac.

History       Also known as the Norwood Shul, B’nai Avraham was established as an orthodox synagogue in 1913.  A year later, it was incorporated and moved to a simple wood frame building on Hopkins Avenue. 
Remarks    In 1967, due to population shifts, the congregation merged with Northern Hills Synagogue and the building was sold to the Norwood Church of God. 
Dedicated    This artifact from the Norwood synagogue was dedicated by Milton J. Schloss, Sr. in memory of his father, Milton Schloss.


Identifer: CJF.2009.001.020


University of Cincinnati Hillel Collection

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