Paul Ehrlich Medal


1912 German Bronze Medal done in an expressionist style honoring then recent Nobel Laureate Dr. Paul Ehrlich (1854 – 1915) and co-researcher Sahachiro Hata (1873-1938) for developing Salvarsan 606, the first drug to defeat syphilis.  Salvarsan 606 went on the market in 1909 and was so named because it was the 606th compound the Ehrlich and his associates went through on a multi-year road to defeat the dreaded disease. The front / obverse of this medal shows Ehrlich and his assitant Hata working in their lab.

Identifer: CJF-RFC2015474


This medal was ground breaking as it was the first German medal to honor a German Jew and an Asian Scientist.  This medal was designed by the artist Brett and was sculpted by Franz Kounitsky. 
Ehrlich was a noted Serologist and Bacteriologist


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