Shalom Asch (Yiddish writer) Medal


Bust of the famous Yiddish writer Szalom Asz 1880 – 1957, the description in Polish – “In memory of the great writer, Kutno, his home town”

  • Shalom Asch (Yiddish writer) Medal
  • Shalom Asch (Yiddish writer) Medal
  • Shalom Asch (Yiddish writer) Medal

Identifer: CJF-RFC2015485


This medal was designed by famous Polish medalist, Krystyn Jarnuszkiewicz.
 The major works of the Polish-born writer Shalom Asch (1880-1957) are built on an epic scale, show profound insight into human character, and reveal prophetic vision. They depict patriarchal Jewish life with its devotional joys and fateful martyrdom.

Shalom Asch was born in Kutno, Poland, where he studied at a Hebrew religious school. At the age of 18, he left for Wocawek to become a Hebrew teacher. His reading was extensive in Hebrew, Yiddish, Russian, Polish, and German literatures, and he started writing in Hebrew. In 1899, he showed his work to the noted Yiddish writer H. L. Peretz, who advised him to turn to Yiddish as a medium of expression. From that time on, most of Asch's writing was done in Yiddish.

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