Honor Roll for Congregation B’Nai Tzedek (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Congregation Bnai Tzedek
Honor Roll
Man of the Year            Woman of the Year
Alex Cohen       1966-67       Marge Levy
Al Goldberg       1967-68        Irene Smith
William Kraus    1968-69       Lena Wise
Bob Shokler       1969-70       Lil Goldberg
Ray Abrams        1970-71       Annette Cohan
Henry J. Aron      1971-72       Gerry Ann Shokler
Dr. Francis Dukes  1972-73      Frances Nidich
Bernard Aron M.D.  1973-74    Shirley Scheff
Lou Nidich              1975-76     Lottie Kwiatek


Identifer: CJF-CBT2015002


Congregation Etz Chaim Collection

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