Photographs of the LaSalle Quartet


Henry Meyer, The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education

The LaSalle Quartet was founded by Walter Levin (first violinist) in 1946. The string quartet was active until 1987, and was incredibly influential traveling all over the world. While the quartet was founded at Juilliard and then spent three years at Colorado College, the quartet found it's home at the Cincinnati Concervatory of Music (CCM) starting in 1953.

The name of the quartet came from the location of the apartment where some of the members live when the quartet was founded: LaSalle Street in Manhattan. The instruments they played on were a matched set of Amati instruments.

There were some changes to the make-up of the quartet over time. The members were:

  • Walter Levin, 1st violin
  • Henry W. Meyer, 2nd violin 
  • Max Felde (1946-1949), viola
  • Peter Kamnitzer, viola
  • Richard Kapuscinski (1946-1955), violoncello
  • Jack Kirstein (1955-1975), violoncello
  • Lee Fiser (1975), violoncello

From the personal collection of Henry Meyer, a founding member of the LaSalle Quartet.

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