Printed Form of a Ketubah (Jewish marriage / Wedding Contract) from mid 1940s

The following text is written in both Yiddish & Hebrew with blanks to be filled in for the specific couple using the Ketubah.  

Certificate of Marriage
This is to certify
That on the ____ day of the week, the ____ day if the month ______,
In the year 56____, A.M. corresponding to the ____ of _____ ___ 19__
The holy covenant of marriage was entered into at _____________________________
between the Bridegroom________________________________ and his Bride________________________  
The said Bridegroom made the following declaration to his Bride: “Be thou my wife according to the law of Moses and of Israel. I faithfully promise that I will be a true husband unto thee. I will honor and cherish thee; I will work for thee; I will protect and support thee, and will provide all that is necessary for thy sustenance, even as it beseemeth a Jewish husband to do. I also take upon myself all further obligation for thy maintenance, during thy life-time, as are prescribed  by our religious statute.''
And the said Bride has plighted her troth unto him, in affection and in sincerity, and has thus taken upon herself the fulfilment of all the duties incumbent upon a Jewish wife.
This Covenant of Marriage was duly executed and witnessed this day, according to the usage of Israel.

Found in the Office of Rabbi Eliezer Silver

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