Article Regarding Rabbi Eliezer Silver Leading the Completion of Learning of the Entire Shas in Harrisburg, PA in 1919

August 16 1919

AUGUST 16, 1919

To Celebrate Twelve Years of Hard Work

Tomorrow afternoon at 2 o’clock there will be a mass meeting at Kesher Israel Synagogue, to celebrate the completion of the study of the Talmud, begun twelve years ago by fifteen members of the congregation.

Under the direction of Rabbi Louis Slver, the study of the Talmud which comprises sixty volumes of the Old Testament, has just been completed, and the Chorak Shoss, or Talmudical Society, wishes to properly celebrate the event.

Rabbi Silver will make an address and Cantor Nathan D. Nemark will take part in the 7 p.m. program, when supper will be served.

Among the members living who started the course twelve years ago are Rabbi Silver, the leader; T. Washilsky, Abel Cohen, Joseph Rubin, S. Lehman, Jacob Levi, M. E. Winfield, Joseph Klein, P. Broundy and E. Minsky.

Officers of the society are: President, M. H. Cohen; vice-president, S. Cooper; treasurer, M. Brenner; secretary, Joseph Klein. The committee in charge of the celebration comprises of S. Raffkin, E. Abrasion and S. Friedman; advertising committee, the Rev. Nathan D. Nemark and Joseph Klein.

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