1925 Stained Glass Window


The first Jewish residents to arrive in Pottstown, PA, in 1859 were three families of German descent.  From 1884 to 1890, there was an influx of Jewish families from Hungary and Russia who worked in the iron mills.  The 1919 American Jewish Yearbook states:  Chesed Shel Emeth was organized in 1892 as a Conservative synagogue.  It met in a building on Hale Street.  Saul Bless served as cantor, and the congregation employed a Hebrew School teacher for their 25 students.

The window was purchased in 1925 by the students of the religious school, and there is a panel containing an inscription to that effect.

Identifer: CJF.2009.001.168


Items on Display; Ritual and Decorative Objects

University of Cincinnati Hillel Collection

The window consists of three distinct panels, with the dominant central motif being a gold Jewish Star in the center of a purple oval, ringed in brown.  The upper panel consists of multicolored square panels with a central red circle, squared off by four opalescent circles.  The bottom panel contains a half-circle filled with a half-flower with yellow petals and a pink center, suggesting a sunrise.

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