Early 20th Century Stained Glass Window (Cincinnati, OH)

This piece comes from Congregation Ohel Moshe, 171 Vernon Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.  The rabbi at the time was Aaron Burrack. 

This stained glass window is a rectangular piece in purples, green and deep blue glass.  Three vertical Magen Davids make up the center panel.  Each corner of the surrounding glass is decorated with a seven branched candelabra (which is also B’nai Brith’s logo).  All the panels are separated by heavy metal partitions. 

Identifer: CJF.2009.001.169


Welcome & Introduction; Ritual and Decorative Objects

University of Cincinnati Hillel Collection

Dedicated by Bnai Brith of Greater Cincinnati, Alfred M. Cohen Lodge (#4) in acknowledgement of 150 years of B’nai Brith.


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