19th Century Sterling Silver Spice Box

19th century

Spice Box from Austria/Hungry, tower shaped, mid-19th century. Five flags on top and four corners, hinged door, set on quadrangular stem with double hemispherical base. Inscribed with manufacturer’s mark, “EE”.

Identifer: CJF.2009.001.143


Items on Display; Shabbat

University of Cincinnati Hillel Collection

The Havdalah service marks the end of Shabbat, on Saturdaynight. Three things are necessary for this ritual: a glass of wine or other liquid, fragrant spaces and a special Havdalah candle. The second blessing is recited over fragrant spices; these represent a compensation for the loss of the special sabbath spirit. These spices are commonly kept in a special decorated box called a b'samim box. 


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