Poster Announcing Rabbi Eliezer Silver's 1942 Call for Cincinnati Jewry to Join Worldwide Public Fast Day to Mourn the Jews Being Killed by the Nazis in Europe


The Poster is written in Yiddish, Hebrew and English.  The translation is as follows:

 [Hebrew:] Eulogize and mourn for the house of Israel and the people of Hashem who fell by the sword

Let us cry out for the Jewish disaster, let us split the heavens

 [4th line ???* …???, we have no one to rely on but our Heavenly Father]
A world[-wide][?] public fast
On Wednesday, erev rosh chodesh Elul, August the 12th 5702 [1942]

The rabbinate of the entire world, the Union of Rabbis of America, the head rabbis of Jerusalem, the Chief Rabbi of London, the “g’dolei Yisroel” from Eastern Europe dispersed in Siberia and various countries, have called out

They call to the public fast those 18 years and over
No one from k’lal Yisroel should dissent from the community

Let us gather ourselves together on a historic Yom Kippur Kattan day to appeal to our Heavenly Father

I call all Cincinnati Jews to
Knesses Yisroel Shul Washington Ave.
Wednesday 6:45 in the evening to the ne’ilah of the public fast
After mincha service we will talk divrei chavushim** and in the ancient custom at mincha of a public fast we will blow the shofar ten times and also  recite special prayers for Yom Kippur Kattan.
The weak, for whom it is hard to fast, should ask the question of a wise one
[Lines above signature in Hebrew:
But repentance, prayer and charity remove the evil of the decree {from Yom Kippur mussaf}             May we be inscribed for a good life and redeemed]
Eliezer Silver
Rabbi of the local Union of Congregations
Chief Rabbi of the Union of Rabbis of America

Identifer: CJF.2012.002.1705


Kneseth Israel Congregation Collection

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