Letter from Rabbi Eliezer Silver Inviting Rabbanim to Attend a 1946 Vaad Hatzalah Meeting in New York City


By the grace of G-d, Tuesday Parshas Behaloscha, 5686 (1946)

To my dear and beloved, Rabbis and Scholars (to long life). To my brothers in Knowledge, Torah-scholars, both old and young, I am addressing you all. I am inviting you to participate in a Vaad Hatzalah convention, on Wednesday at 10am, the 7th of Tammuz, at the McAlpin hotel on Broadway and 34th street, in New York, and at 2pm during the day, and in the evening there will be a banquet in honor of the convention. At the convention you will hear about all of the positive actions that were done, and are being done daily be the Vaad Hatzalah. You will be convinced that, if not for our work in the past and in the present, there would be no power for any Torah-Jew to be able to settle, and any G-d fearing and religious person, to be able to earn a living in purity. We have (thank G-d) breathed life to all Rabbis and Torah-scholars, Yeshiva students and daughters of Israel, to be protected and saved from assimilation and impurities, G-d forbid. And it is about a year since our meeting amongst ourselves, what we are and what our strengths are, what our deeds are and to what do we raise our eyes. And what should be done with the many who try to weaken our hand. And to establish a Vaad Hatzalah and for the Torah-scholars in danger. Come and be convinced from the mouths of representatives of Vaad Hatzalah in various countries, who will appear at the convention, they will testify regarding all that is being done, you will hear their suggestions on how to establish a Vaad Hatzalah, and how to strengthen Torah and Mitzvahs in our land, and in foreign lands, also to start working on strengthening the hands of the refugees in our holy land, and to do work in the land of Israel. Please do not stand afar, because the situation is terrible. None of your places should be empty at the convention. Remember the 7th day of Tammuz from morning until evening, remember the McAlpin hotel.
Will we see each other, G-d willing, and I bless you dearly.

Eliezer Silver president-member Vaad Hatzalah and Igud Harabonnim

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