Mid 20th Century Illustrated Hebrew Bible

20th century

Tanach with silver repouse covers worked in relief depicting the twelve tribes on the front cover.  A heavily raised crown above the Ten Commandments in filigree and ornamented with oval Eilat stones in four corners. Small round Eilat stones decorate the crown and the Ten Commandments.  The back cover depicts a menorah representing the State of Israel.  The book was published by the Jerusalem Bible Publishing Company, Ltd., Hamadpis Liphshitz Press, Jerusalem. 

Identifer: CJF.2009.001.257


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University of Cincinnati Hillel Collection

“Tanach” the usual Hebrew collective term for the Old Testament, is composed of the initial letters of the words Torah (“Pentateuch”).  Nevi’im  (“Prophets”), and Ketuvim (“Hagiographa”).  This three-fold division of the Bible is commonly found in the Talmud (e.g., Shab. 88a; Sanh. 101a; Kid. 49a; KM 21a), and arguments are often supported by quoting individual verses from each of the sections (e.g., Meg.31a; Mak. 10b).

By the family of Corinne Stein through Sandy Fields

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