20th Century Outdoor Lanterns from Ohavay Zion (Lexington, KY)

20th century

Two electric, hexagonal, black painted tin fixtures with arched amber glass windows.  Star of David ornaments top each lantern.

Identifer: CJF.2009.001.109


University of Cincinnati Hillel Collection

Incorporated on August 25, 1912, Ohavay Zion purchased and refurbished a Presbyterian church on Maxwell Street in 1914.  Jacob Lowenthal became the congregation’s first rabbi (as well as shochet and mohel) in 1919.  The building was sold in 1986 and currently houses Joe Bologna’s, an Italian restaurant.

In the early 1950’s Rabbi Albert Pappenheim wrote about the synagogue which held its minyan at 5:30 pm at Abe’s New and Used Clothing Store (after closing), 211 Water Street, Lexington, Kentucky.  

The outdoor lanterns were a gift of Rabbi Eric and Mrs. Kim Slaton to the University of Cincinnati Hillel. Rabbi Slaton was the rabbi at Ohavay Zion from 1988-2001.

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