Presentation Silver Trowel from the Jamaica Jewish Center (Queens, NY)


Diamond shaped silver trowel with handle of light wood, inscribed for presentation at the laying of the cornerstone of the Jamaica Jewish Center, Queens, New York, dated May 27, 1923.  Also has simple Star of David decoration, and sterling stamp of I. Perlman, manufacturer

Identifer: CJF.2009.001.236


Hebrew Schools & Yeshivas; Jewish Community

University of Cincinnati Hillel Collection

The 1919 edition of the American Jewish Year Book lists a Jamaican Synagogue at 30 North Washington.  Organized in 1900, Isidore Latter served as the Rabbi to this traditional congregation.  The Hebrew School had four teachers and 150 students in daily educational sessions.

The 1926-27 edition lists The Jewish Center Independent Society, Community Synagogue of Queens, New York, at 73rd and Woodside, Long Island City.  Organized 1920, 105 members, Rabbi T. H. Glickman.  Services: Sabbath & Festivals; School: 4 classes, 2 teachers, 55 pupils. 

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