20th Century Torah Mantle from Josephstadt Synagogue, Western Rumania (Timisoara)


Burgundy brushed velvet mantel, embroidered with a heavy three-dimensional crown with blue and red embroidered jewels.  Heavy gold metallic thread embroidered in rococo scrolls frames the rectangular face panel, and surrounds the Hebrew dedication text (See Remarks, below, for translation). The crown is supported by the paws of intricately embroidered lions.  Five six-pointed stars and the acronym for "Crown of the Torah" complete the design.

Translation of Hebrew text within frame: "The donation of/ The righteous women/ Of the Josephstadt Congregation/ In the year 5667 (1907)/ As we record the year."  The obverse is stamped with a Nazi confiscation stamp.  The one-inch circular stamp has the Nazi eagle with a swastika ball in its claws. Restored by Galina Ivanovna Trukhacheva of Moscow in the former Soviet Union.

Identifer: CJF.2009.001.194


Torah & Its Ornaments; World War II & The Holocaust

University of Cincinnati Hillel Collection


Josephstadt Synagogue, Timisoara, Rumania.  The ark curtain and Torah mantle were acquired by Hillel for its permanent collection by a member of the Timisoara community.  The items had been selected by the Nazis, confiscated, stamped, and destined for shipment to Prague.  Plans for the Nazi's Jewish Museum were foiled when the Red Army entered the city in 1944.

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