Photograph of Rabbi Mendel M. Hochstein, Rabbi of Ansche Sholom Congregation (Cincinnati, Ohio) from 1921 - 1932

Rabbi Mendel M. Hochstein was hired in 1921 by Ansche Sholom Congregation

Rabbi Hochstein was brought over from Jerusalem by the Manischewitz family as part of their efforts to establish ties between their family and the rabbis of Eretz Israel.  This was part of a larger strategy aimed at utilizing the prestige of rabbis from Eretz Israel to legitimate the machine-made square matzot that the Manischewitz company produced, and to help promote them around the world.  Rabbi Hochstein  was the son of one of Hirsch Manischewitz's old teachers.  The Manischewitz family made him the kashrut supervisor (head mashgiah) at their bakery in Cincinnati.

Rav Hochstein was the rabbi of Ansche Sholom Congregation until he left Cincinnati in 1932, when the Manischewitz company moved to New Jersey and Rabbi Hochstein moved with them.  

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Golf Manor Synagogue, Congregation Agudas Israel

Ansche Sholom Congregation is now known as Golf Manor Synagogue

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