Article Regarding the Death of Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Manischiwitz in 1943

 Hirsch Manischewitz
H. Manischewitz, A Jewish Leader
Rabbi, an Official of Matzoth Firm, Palestine Benefactor, Dies in Synagogue Here.
Rabbi Hirsch Manischewitz of 300 Central Park West, vice president of the B. Manischewitz Baking Company, 143 Bay Street, Jersey City, one of the largest makers of matzoth in the world, dropped dead of a heart attack at 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon while attending Yom Kippur services in the synagogue of Congregation Ohab Zedeb, 118 West Ninety-fifth Street. He was 52 years old. Born in Cincinnati, whither his parents, Rabbi Dov Ber and Natalie Rose Manischewitz, had migrated from Memel, Lithuania,  few years earlier. Rabbi Hirsch Manischewitz was educated in Palestine at Yeshivoth Etz Chaim, 1901-07; Torath Chaim, 1908-10; and Meah Shearim, 1910-14. In August, 1914, he returned to Cincinnati.
Founded Welfare Groups
During his stay in Palestine he organized the Free Loan Society, Sick Benefit Foundation, and the Relief Fund for the Poor. With his brothers, Meyer, the late Jacob U., Joseph and Max, he had maintained in Jerusalem since 1914 the Rabbi Ber Manischewitz Yeshiva, and it was his enthusiasm and special knowledge of the work that was chiefly responsible for the continued success of the institution.
In Cincinnati during the years between 1914 and his removal to New York in 1931, Rabbi Manischewitz organized a branch of the Ezras Torah Fund, the Central Relief Commission, and the Yeshivoth Etz Chaim and the Welfare Fund of Palestine, and served as president of the Orthodox Jewish Orphans Home.
A representative of more than thirty institutions or organizations of higher Jewish learning in Europe and Palestine, Rabbi Manischewitz was president of the Federation of the Palestine Jews, Israel Orphans Home for Girls in Jerusalem, Beth Yeshomin Eishel of Warsaw, vice president of the Mizrachi Organization of American executive members of Yeshiva College, Orthodox Jewish congregations of America and Canada, and treasurer of the United Charities Institutions of Jerusalem. He was a director of the Hebrew Convalescent Home in the Bronx.
Joined Family Company
On becoming an officer of the Family Baking Company twelve years ago, Rabbi Manischewitz joined the extraordinarily successful enterprise, which his father founded in Cincinnati in 1888. The large plant in Jersey City was opened in 1930. Before the present war the company exported Matzoth all over the world. An older brother, Jacob U., president of the company since 1915, died in March 1942, and was succeeded by another brother, Joseph M. Manischewitz.
Rabbi Manischewitz leaves a widow, the former Sarah Wolfe, two sons, Joshua and William, and three daughters, Mrs. Moses D. Manacher, Mrs. Bernard Manischewitz and Mrs. Natalie Gross.
The funeral service will be held at 2 P. M. today in the synagogue in which he died.


Identifer: CJF-KI2015008


From the New York Times, October 10, 1943, p. 49

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