Notice of Public Eulogy for R’ Chaim Fishel Epstein, obm [of blessed memory] August 22, 1942

August 22 1942

Translation of the Yiddish is as follows:

Bitter Mourning
[תמרורים מספד *]
Sunday, Parshas Re’eh 15 Menachem Av, August the 2nd
--------- 4 o’clock in the afternoon -----------
at Knesses Israel shul, Washington and Rockdale
for the shloshim of the passing of
the Rav, the great scholar   [המפורסם הגאון הרב*]
R’ Chaim Fishel Epstein Z”L
[Hebrew acronym?? ד’הגאב* of Saint Louis   Former Rav in Cincinnati

We call to mourning [or eulogy] all Cincinnati Jews, men and women at the Washington Ave. shul
The eulogizers will be:
[same acronym ד’הגאב*] of the local Union of Congregations Rabbi E Sliver [י’נ *]
Rabbi Mordechai Schiff and Rabbi Dovid Leib Silver from Harrisburg

Let us eulogize the great rabbi and Torah authority, to give him final honor
Let us cry for the worldwide Jewish tragedy, the frightening misfortunes, let us offer prayer to Hashem Yisborach.  We call for mourning, for repentance and for good deeds.
Va’ad Hoier, Union of Congregations of Cincinnati

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