Letter from the National Office of: Kupath Ramban Colel Polen Jerusalem - September 1984

September 1984

Rabbi M. Yaar Founder

MEMBERS OF THE NATIONAL PRESIDIUM Rabbi Jacob Traube Mr. Abraham Koppel Rabbi F. Schonfeld Mr. Benzion Fishoff Rabbi 0. Besser Mr. Frank H. Klein

CHICAGO OFFICE 2755 West Morse Ave. Chicago, Ill. 60645 Tel.: (312) 262-6819

MEMBERS OF THE CHICAGO PRESIDIUM Rabbi Ben Zion Rosenthal President Mr. D. Lipman Chairman Mr. Joseph Lask Chairman Rabbi I. Monderowitz Vice President Rabbi A. Lipshitz Vice President Mr. I. Braun Vice Chairman

LOS ANGELES OFFICE 361 N. Martel Ave. Los Angeles, Calif. 90036 Tel.: (213) 939-0953

MEMBERS OF THE LOS ANGELES PRESIDIUM Mr. Lazare Hendeles Chairman Rabbi E. Schwartz Vice Chairman Mr. J. Stieglitz Vice Chairman Mr. H. Mandel Vice Chairman Mr. M. Kornwasser Vice Chairman Mr. D. Shape11 Mr. S. Diller Mr. J. Salzberg Mr. J. Rechnitz Mr. Joseph Newman Gen. Sec.

DETROIT OFFICE Rabbi Chaskel Grubner President 14100 Sherwood Oak Park, Mich. 48237 Tel.: (313) 398-1017

SAN FRANCISCO OFFICE Mr. M. Langer 1867 - 33rd Ave. San Francisco, Calif. 94122 Tel.: (415) 661-3263

MEMBERS OF THE SAN FRANCISCO PRESIDIUM Mr. M. I. Langer Chairman Mr. Ch. Glass Mr. Fred Baum

CINCINNATI OFFICE Mr. L. Konstam President

1133 Broadway, Room 416 New York, N.Y.10010 212 255-7800 1111 KUPATH RABBI MEIR BAAL HANESS

Dear Rabbis, Presidents and Gabboim,

At this holy time of year, before the sacred Yomim we have the privilege of sending you a Kearah, a special charity platter, to be placed in an appropriate and easily accessible place in your synagogue, between Rosh Hashonoh and Yom Kippur.

This practice, which has been a Jewish tradition for many generations, will enable your congregants to give 'pidyon Kaporos' charity to the greatest institution in Eretz Yisroel, Kupath Rabbi Meir Baal Haness. Please send us the 'tzedokoh' collected, as soon as possible, so that we can send it to Yerusholayim without delay for distribution among the poor families and Talmidei Chachomim who desperately need our help.

Your assistance is a great mitzvah, for which we pray you will be amply rewarded with a K'sivah V'hasima Tova.

Best wishes for a year of good health and success in all your endeavors.

Rabb. J Traube A. Koppel Rabbi F. Schorfeld
Nachman Elbaum
September 1984

Rabbi J. Besser F.H. Klein

MAIN OFFICE: Kupath Ramban, 40 Strauss St., P.O.B. 658, Jerusalem 91006, Israel Tel (02) 285-565, 284-810 All contributions are tax-deductible

  • Letter from the National Office of: Kupath Ramban Colel Polen Jerusalem - September 1984
  • Letter from the National Office of: Kupath Ramban Colel Polen Jerusalem - September 1984
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