Article Regarding 1942 Event to Celebrate Rabbi Eliezer Silver's Sixtieth Birthday and 10 Years in Cincinnati


From the Cincinnati Enquirer, February 15, 1942.


For Rabbi In Avondale - Hirsch

Manischewitz to Preside.

Hirsch Manischewitz, former Cincinnatian, is to preside over a testimonial meeting to Rabbi Eliezer Silver, to be held today at Kneseth Israel Synagogue, Rockdale and Washington Avenues. The occasion is the completion of 10 years of service at the synagogue by the rabbi and his sixtieth birthday anniversary. The meeting will be held at 2 o’clock. Among those to address the meeting are Rabbi I. Dusowitz, dean of the orthodox rabbinate, New York City; Rabbi David I. Silver, Harrisburg, Pa., son of Rabbi Silver; Rabbi Mordecai Schiff, Cincinnati; Rabbi Aaron Kotler, New York, and Willis D. Gradison, Vice Mayor, Cincinnati. 

Cantor Samuel Kantarof, famous for his traditional renditions of Hebrew prayers, will chant special prayers for the welfare of this country and its President. 

Samuel M. Schmidt is Chairman and Alfred H. Katz Vice Chairman of the anniversary committee. 


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Rabbi Silver's Involvement in Life Cycle Events

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