Advertisement for Samuel Vigoda, World Famous Cantor and Concert Singer

Cantor Samuel Vigoda was born in Dobrzin, Russian Poland. His father was also a cantor in whose choir he sang from early childhood. The family later emigrated to Hungary where he joined the choirs of many famous cantors, among whom was the late Joseph Rosenblatt, who at that time occupied the cantor's position at Pressburg. He also received a thorough Talmudic educa-tion at several Yeshivah institutions of Hungary, and his yearning for knowledge made him also take up courses at the conservatories of Klauzen-burg and Budapest; he also studied medicine at the universities of these cities, at the same time always continuing his singing in various choirs as a means of earning a livelihood.

The World War interrupted his studies. He was drafted into the Hungarian army and con-tinued there until the Armistice, when he quit with the rank of First Lieutenant.

Unable to continue his studies due to the anti-semitic "numerus clausus" law, he decided to em-brace the cantorate as his life calling. He became the Chief Cantor of the Arena Temple at Buda-pest, and very soon his fame spread throughout the lands of Europe and even beyond the con-tinent; and in 1926 when the late Cantor Joseph Rosenblatt left his position at the first Hungarian Congregation, Ohab Zedek, of New York, Samuel Vigoda was chosen as his successor.

He has since achieved world wide fame and has been acclaimed by Jewish audiences every-where for his unusually beautiful and powerful tenor voice and his masterful rendition of litur-gical music. He has toured Europe several times and recently returned from an extended concert tour of South America, in the course of whicl, he appeared in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and other countries with notable success. He also appeared in most cities of the United States as guest Cantor of many congregations. He is a composer of many well known hymns and his numerous recordings which he made for the R.C.A. Victor Company are favorites of Jews throughout the world. He is also one of the fore-most interpreters of Jewish folk songs which he always includes in his program together with classical numbers.

World Famous Cantor and-Concert-Sing
Most original interpreter of liturgical hymns, classical music and folklore

available for SATURDAY SERVICES — and — CONCERTS in a classic repertoire of Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Italian and Hungarian selections REV. SAMUEL VIGODA 1691 Nelson Avenue New York City

  •  Advertisement for Samuel Vigoda, World Famous Cantor and Concert Singer
  •  Advertisement for Samuel Vigoda, World Famous Cantor and Concert Singer

Identifer: CJF.2012.002.1894


Chazan‎ / Cantor

Kneseth Israel Congregation Collection


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