Biography of Rabbi Bezalel Epstein from the Ivye Yizkor book

Translation is as follows:

Ivye (Belarus) Yizkor Book page 205
3. HaRav Betzalel Epstein
Born in Ivye in 1875 to his father Rabbi Yaakov. Learnt in Yeshiva Romalios in Vilna and Yeshivas Hammusar. During World War I, he served as the assistant Rabbi for three years in Stockholm, Sweden. After that he emigrated to America to be close to his father Rabbi Yaakov, who emigrated to America prior to World War I and was the Rabbi in Duluth, Minnesota.
Rabbi Betzalel accepted the rabbinate in one of the orthodox synagogues in Cincinnati, where he had a lot of success for twenty two years. He passed away on the 8th day of Elul in 1938. The orthodox journal of the Rabbonim “Hapardes” in Chicago wrote about (Rabbi Epstein’s) passing and called him a “Giant” in Torah and an excellent Darshon.

Copy of this biography provided by Ryan Shell of Bergenfield, NJ, who is a great-grandnewphew of Rabbi Bezalel Epstein.


Identifer: CJF-2016005


Rabbi Avroham Betzalel Epstein

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