Letter to the Jewish Community Board in Reval (Tallinn) Estonia Recommending Hiring of Rabbi Bezalel Epstein - 1908


This letter is translated as follows:
To [the] Revel [Estonia] [Jewish] Community Board
We have been informed that questions about Rabbi Epstein will be on our schedule of the [Jewish] community board.
In 2 notes [letters] that we received from respected community members Rabbi Epstein is characterized as the best candidate to be a Rabbi.  But there are rumors that some low life community members don't think he's qualified to be the Rabbi the community needs. But we as the oldest and more involved community members are calling to everyone to ignore rumors and acknowledge the fact that Rabbi Epstein is the teacher and shepherd the community needs.
If there will be any doubts we will bring this matter to the Rabbi of Yuryev [the second largest city in Estonia, now named Tartu] as the most competent person to decide this matter.
Please keep in mind that we are the majority of the community and we won't give up if our opinion is not respected.
Keeping in mind everything that we wrote about we are respectfully asking the community board to agree to make Rabbi Epstein the Rabbi of the [Reval Estonia Jewish] community.

Identifer: CJF-2016006


Rabbi Avroham Betzalel Epstein

Copy of this letter and its translation provided by Ryan Shell of Bergenfield, NJ, who is a great-grandnewphew of Rabbi Bezalel Epstein.

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