Letter to the Jewish Community Board in Reval (Tallinn) Estonia Recommending Providing Employment to Rabbi Bezalel Epstein

This letter is translated as follows:
To [the] Revel [Estonia] [Jewish] Community Board
To [the] Members of our community [the Reval, Estonia Jewish Community]
Our beloved Rabbi Betzalel Epstein who served our community from 1908 had to leave the community due to war [WWI} and family circumstances and move to Sweden.
Now he is back and wants to create an independent business [in Reval].  But because of the recession he can't open the business or do anything to make money for his family.
In order to help him out and not have him ask for donations we want to give him some kind of job in the community with a salary to help him make ends meet.

Identifer: CJF-2016007


Rabbi Avroham Betzalel Epstein

Copy of this letter and its translation provided by Ryan Shell of Bergenfield, NJ, who is a great-grandnewphew of Rabbi Bezalel Epstein.

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