Boro Park Historical Society

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In 1983, the Boro Park Historical Society was Co-Founded by Jack Friedman. Filling a great need in the preservation of both Jewish and Community history, the Boro Park Historical society has asmassed a great collection, caputring an image of this historic community.

As listed in a newsletter released in 1983 "The goal was to capture individual impressions and opinions, as well as factual information about Boro Park, as personal memories and experiences of numerous peoples are recorded."

Their stated aims are:
1. To stimulate greater interest and pride in our community.. 2, To bring about better understanding and improved relations between the various ethnic and religious groups in the community. 
3. To encourage individuals in the community to channel their energies, memories and time into constructive work.
4. To revitalize traditional values such as civic pride, patriotism, honesry, good neighborliness and concern for the properry, rights and welfare of others,
5. To bring a little joy to present and former residents as they nostalgically read and reminisce about Boro Park. 

Executive Board as listed in 1983:

Annette Culmine Simon Frankel Jacque Friedman Alan Gerber Guy Granato Oscar Israelowitz Dr. Philip J. Kipust Adeline Mandelbaum Dominic Suplina Avinoam Walles Joseph B. Fuchs, Executive Director ​

Evelyn J. Aquila, Democratic District Leader Priscilla Celano, District Manager, Community Planning Board 12. Noah Dear, City Councilman Howard Golden, President, Boro of Brooklyn Rev. Ralph J. Guarracino, Administrator, St. Frances De Chantal Church Rabbi Nachum Z. Josephy, Cong. Beth Medrash Hagadol of Boro Park Harry Kendall, Chairman Maimonides Mental Health Community Board Rev. Francis J. Manzo, Pastor, St. Catherine of Alexandria Dr. Egon Mayer, Professor of Sociology, Brooklyn College Rabbi Yaakov Pollak, Cong. Shomrei Emunah Dr. Marvin Schick, Professor of Political Science, New School for Social Research Rabbi Gedalia Schwartz, Young Israel of Boro Park Rabbi Baruch Silverstein, Temple Emanuel of Boro Park Stephen J. Solarz, Member of Congress Martin M. Solomon, State Senator 


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