Marble Bequest Board from Hebrew Union College

19th century

Late 19th Century Bequest list; the light-colored marble board commemorates the founding donors of Hebrew Union College. The names of these donors were written in the Book of Memorial, the original being located at the American Jewish Archives. The names of the legators and the amount bequeathed by them or donated in their memory were recorded in the Book of Memorial and on each recurring Yahrzeit, Kaddish would be recited in their memory by students of the college. 

Benjamin M. Kline, Denved COL DOL's, 100
Babette Anspacher, San Francisco CAL, 250
Alexander Rosenberg, Cincinnati O., 100
Caroline Assur., 100
Julius Mossler., 100
Henry C. Oettinger., 100
Dr. Solomon Eppinger., 100
Jeanette Elsas., 200
Jacob L. Workum., 100
Sarah Workum., 100
David Lehman, 100
Joseph Cottlieb, 100
Yetta Levi, 200
Isaac Harrman, 100
Julius Hannach, Pittsburg PA., 100
Frederica Frank, Zanesville O., 100
Wolf Weinstein, Harriusburg PA., 100
Hannah Cohen, Jackson MISS., 100
Rev. Dr. Samuel Adler, New York, 1000
Raphael Vogel, Columbus O., 100
Rosa Miller, Lexington KY., 100
Samuel Newman, Jackson MISS., 100
Samson Heidenheimer, New York, 100
Leopold Levi, Cincinnati O., 500
Jeannette Raphael, 100
Daniel Raphael, 100
Henry D. Raphael, 100
Solomon Hoffheimer, 200
Fannie B. Weil, Lousiville KY., 100
Jeanette Reefer, Meadville PA., 100
Abaraham Sands, Denver COL., 100
Henry Adler, Cincinnati O., 1000
Isaac Faller, 100
Lipman Hess, Chicago, 200
Feist & Yetta Seaman, Buckershausen Cermany, 200
Moses Friedlich, Piqua O., 250
David & Yetta Wolf, Lousiville KY., 386
Leopold Oppenheiner, 100

Identifer: CJF R 0487


University of Cincinnati Hillel Collection, Cincinnati Judaica Fund Research Collection

The boards were found during the renovation of a bathroom in a private home in Cincinnati. The marble boards had been reversed so that the names were not visible and the unused side became the walls of the shower stall. Upon removal the true nature of the marble slabs came to light.

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Marble Bequest Board from Hebrew Union College

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