Marble Bequest Board from Hebrew Union College

19th century

Late 19th Century Bequest list; the light-colored marble board commemorates the founding donors of Hebrew Union College. The names of these donors were written in the Book of Memorial, the original being located at the American Jewish Archives. The names of the legators and the amount bequeathed by them or donated in their memory were recorded in the Book of Memorial and on each recurring Yahrzeit, Kaddish would be recited in their memory by students of the college. 

Henry Wolf, Wabash IND., 100
Henrietta Geisenberger, Lancaster PA., 100
Ernst H. Kahn, Dallas TEX., 1000
Caroline Ullman, Louisville KY., 100
Rannie Rothchild, Connersville IND., 100
Fannie Lowenstein, Baltimore MD, 100
Max Baldaue, Oskaloosa IA., 100
Emanuel Schwab, Paducah KY., 100
Newman D. Levinson, Noblesville IND., 100
George Bloom, Cincinnati, 100
Rosalia Bloom, 100
Henry Bloom, 100
Henry Weil, Battle Creek MICH., 100
Frank Block, St. Louis Mo., 250
Solomon Cohn, Knoxville TENN., 100
Ferdinand Strauss, Cincinnati, 100
Isidor Bush, St. Louis Mo., 100
Hannah Harsah, Wooster O., 100
Simon Kaufman, Pittsburg PA., 500
Julius Speier, Lincoln NEB., 100
Rosa K. Weiler, Indianapolis IND., 100
Rosina Ehrman, Helena ARK., 100
Fanny Rice, New York, 250
Zachariah Harsh, Wooster O., 100
Victor S. Cohn, Little Rock ARK., 100
Samuel Lasker, 100
Anna Kahn, Lambsheim GER., 100
Isaac Cohen, FT. Smith ARK., 100
August Pollack, Chicago ILL., 100
Rose T. Oppenheimer, Cincinnati, 100
Henry W. May, 100
Louis Gutman, 100
Hannah Hyman, 100
Mayer Goldsmith,New York, 100
Meier Bettmann, Cincinnati, 100
Lena Bettmann, 100
Sol. Kahn, 100
Henry Wineman, 100
Louis Meyer, Rochester NY., 100
Winnie Levinson, Noblesville IND., 100

Identifer: CJF R 0479


University of Cincinnati Hillel Collection, Cincinnati Judaica Fund Research Collection

The boards were found during the renovation of a bathroom in a private home in Cincinnati. The marble boards had been reversed so that the names were not visible and the unused side became the walls of the shower stall. Upon removal the true nature of the marble slabs came to light.

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Marble Bequest Board from Hebrew Union College

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