Tefillin from Golf Manor Synagogue

Square, black painted leather boxes (batim) centered on a slightly larger square, black painted leather platform; the batim are covered by cardboard boxes that are meant to protect it when not in use.

The 3 layered platform of a tefillin is sewn together. A black painted leather strap passes through a triangular, notched opening on the lower end of the platform. The strap is knotted and tightly coiled around itself and loosely coiled around the box. The strap reverse is natural leather.

The boxes should contain a parchment scroll inscribed with 4 Torah verses. 

Tefillin are ritural objects worn on the arm and the head by some Jewish males during morning prayers.

Identifer: CJF.2013.001.033


Golf Manor Synagogue, Congregation Agudas Israel; Items for Daily Prayer

Golf Manor Synagogue

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Golf Manor Synagogue

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