Decalogue Cover for World War II Portable Torah Ark Decalogue


Decalogue cover for the decalogue on the World War II U.S. Army Portable Torah Ark made by the Jewish Welfare Board. The ark was transported on the back of a military Jeep and used for services for troops immediately behind the front lines.

The navy blue decalogue cover has blue and silver fringe bordering the top; traditional design in silver applique, Tablets flanked by heraldic lions below a Star of David. The cover was manufactured by the National Acade,oc Cap & Gown Co. Church Wardrobe Dept., Philadelphia, PA. 

Identifer: CJF.2009.002.002


World War II & The Holocaust; Ark / Aharon HaKodesh & Its Ornaments

The ​ark was made by the Jewish Welfare Board as the US Army did not provide for the religious needs of Jewish soldiers during World War II. 

Contributed by Rabbi Jacob Lustig.

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