Late 19th Century Hanukkiah


Late 19th Century hanukiah, silver deposition onto a brass surface; couch-like base with a row of oil lamps (removable). Decorated backplate; at top are a pair of peacocks and a Torah crown and in center is a model of the Temple Menorah with a pair of lions at each side. The object is missing the shamash and a removable oil vessel; this objects would hang just below the peacocks on either side. 

Inscriptions on the face, and base of the menorah were added at a later date. The inscraiption on the backplate reads, "Elsa Layos." The inscription on the base reads, "1939 Szeretett gyermekei." 

Identifer: CJF.2015.008.015


New Hope Congregation; Hanukah (the Festival of Lights); Ritual and Decorative Objects

New Hope Congregation Collection

Hanukkiah manufactured in Warsaw, Poland in 1945. 

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