Cantor S. Kantarof Grand Sefirah Concert Poster – April 5, 1941


In honor of holiday of Pesach
---------- we present the famous ----------
Cantor R’ Shmuel Kantarof
He will lead services 
The first and second days of Pesach
Come hear him bless
Tal and count Sefirah
In the Washington Ave. Shul
Washington and Rockdale Ave.
Sunday, April 15th
8 o’clock in the evening
A grand Sefirah

Prayers, Hebrew and Yiddish folk songs, songs with Oriental melodies
In the same Shul.
Admission 50 cents plus 5 cent tax.
Tickets can be obtained at Wolff’s Bakery, Prospect and Reading Road, and at the office of “every Friday” and at the Shul from the caretaker. Also at Kodetz’s restaurant.

Identifer: CJF.2012.002.6621A-B


Kneseth Israel Congregation of Cincinnati (Rabbi Silver’s shul); Passover; Chazan‎ / Cantor

Kneseth Israel Congregation Collection

The following text is printed in both Yiddish and English (there are slight variations in the English and Yiddish texts)

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