Liberation, Israeli State Medal 5718-1958


Israel's Tenth Anniversary —World Committee BRONZE MEDALLION Tenth Anniversary of Israel Statehood The bronze medallion has been issued by Israel's Tenth Anniversary — World Committee, in honour of the tenth anniversary of Israel's statehood as the official memorial medallion of the State. Its design by Rothschild and Lippman was inspired by Dr. Leo Kadman. After 25,000 medallions have been struck, the mould will be destroyed.
The markings on the medallion portray two crucial periods in the nation's annals: on the one side, there is a replica of an ancient Roman coin, with the inscription in Latin "Judah Conquered" and a Roman soldier beside a palm tree, bearing a lance, his foot on a helmet, the symbol of Roman triumph over Judah. There is a weeping woman beyond the palm to depict Judah exiled. On the other side of the coin are the inscriptions: "Liberated Israel" and "Ten Years of Israel Freedom-5718". The palm flourishes again amid exultant life.

  • Liberation, Israeli State Medal 5718-1958
  • Liberation, Israeli State Medal 5718-1958
  • Liberation, Israeli State Medal 5718-1958
  • Liberation, Israeli State Medal 5718-1958
  • Liberation, Israeli State Medal 5718-1958
  • Liberation, Israeli State Medal 5718-1958

Identifer: CJF-RFC2013107


Establishment of the State of Israel; 10th Anniversary (1958)

Medals Commemorating The Anniversary Of The Establishment Of Israel

The consequences of the great Judean Revolt against Rome which began in 66 C.E. had a dire effect upon Jewish history.  All the valor and the fierce fanaticism of the defenders could not withstand the onslaughts of the Roman legions stationed locally and later reinforced by two additional legions drawn from the Danube legion and the auxiliary forces recruited from the nearby provinces.  The Temple was destroyed in 70 C.E. and Titus celebrated his victory.
            The Romans struck a special series of coins to commemorate the occasion known as the “Judea Capta” series, so named for the inscription on the coins “Judea in Captivity”.  The palm tree on the coins generally stands for Judea.  At the side of the tree, a Jewish captive (a man or a woman), prizes of war, an image of the victorious Emperor, or other representatives.
            The “Liberation” medal was first issued by Israel in 1958 in connection with its Tenth Anniversary.  The State Medal depicts the contrast – the destruction of the Temple versus the renewal of Jewish Independence in our time.  A Hebrew farmer planting a sapling in place of a Jewish captive hand bound; a jubilant Hebrew mother holding her infant aloft instead of the sorrowful Jewish woman weeping for the destruction of her homeland.

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