Union of Orthodox Rabbis and New York Committee of Rabbis Hashgacha Letter Agreement 1931


Union of Orthodox Rabbis
Of the United States and Canada
214 East Broadway
New York.
This agreement is made by the undersigned, leaders and principals of the union of rabbis with the representatives of the New York committee of rabbis, regarding the YYG(?) Hashgacha (kosher supervision), and the money from said Hechsher and its handling, it should belong to the union of rabbis and to the committee of rabbis, and it should be run smoothly and in unison through the following conditions:
a)      A combined committee from the above two organizations was elected to replace the committee and the union, to run this task and oversee it, that it should run appropriately.
b)     The aforementioned combined committee will consist of 14 members – seven from the union, and seven from the committee. And shall the need arise, two more can be added, 9 from each committee.
c)      The aforementioned committee will appoint two treasurers – the chairman of the union of rabbis, and the chairman of the committee of rabbis – to receive the money, and distribute it to the union and to the committee, to each its share, after subtracting the expenses which the combined committee needs to distribute for this business, such as supervision etc.
d)     The expenses incurred must not total more than one third of the income, the remainder shall be disbursed, 50 percent to the treasury of the union, and 50 percent to the treasury of the NY committee of rabbis.
e)      All of the above shall remain in effect for one year, until Rosh Hashana 5692 (1931). From 5692 it is recommended that all income shall remain under the combined committee, it should have the power to distribute all remaining funds according to the needs that seem most important.
The last paragraph is a recommendation which will be recommended before the union of rabbis and the committee of rabbis, and if one of the sides should not agree, then all that was conditions shall remain for future years as well.
We come to sign, Tuesday, 23rd of Shevat, 5691 (1931)
Eliezer Silver, Chairman, committee of rabbis

Yisroel Halevi Rosenberg, (title unclear)

Y. L. Zeltzer (?), secretary

Chaim(?) Ben Zion Netolowitz, treasurer

Yeshaya son of Karlinson(?), board member

Menachem Yehuda ?, ? for the committee

Tzvi Hirsch Levin, (title unclear)

Avraham son of Yosef Aharon, obm, Muller

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