Constitution of The Vaad Hoier, The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of Greater Cincinnati - Organized 5691

The Vaad Hoier shall be divided into committees.
A - Committee on Religion under the guidance of the Rov which shall include the subcommittees on Kashruth and on the Mikveh.
B - Committee on Education - for Talmud Torah and Yeshivah.
C - Committee on Charity, to investigate fully conditions both in the City and outside the City, for the purpose of choosing the institutions, which are worthy of support.
D - Committee on Needs of the Community, anything which affects the Jewry of the City, shall be the affair of the Vaad.
E - The Vaad Hoier shall try to make one Treasury for all the Charitable work and Propaganda, once a year, and to divide the money for all the needs of Jewry and the Institutions of the Cit and for those outside of the City. 
F - The Vaad Hoier shall always remain connected with and under the guidance of the Agudath Horabbonim, and every controversy shall be settled by the Agudath Horabbonim.
G - The delegates to the Vaad Hoier shall consist of representatives of the Orthodox Congregations and Organizations of Greater Cincinnati, three representatives from every Congregation and one representative from each Organization all of whom must be Orthodox Jews.
H - The Vaad Hoier shall convene once every month.
The work of the Vaad Hoier, shall be to establish a system of supervision over all Kosher Products, either for general use or special use as for Pesach etc. to guide Hebrew Education, to supervise Talmud Torahs and Yeshivahs,in the true Orthodox fashion, to erect immediately a new Mikveh in Avondale, to establish Kosher food in all of the Jewish Charitable Institutions, to institute classes in Jewish culture and religion for the Jewish Youth, in the true spirit of the Torah.
It is my sincerest hope that peace may reign in Israel and that all shall work together, as one, to strengthen the bonds of the Torah.
Rabbi Eliezer Silver of Springfield Mass. President of the Agudath Horabbonim.


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