Constitution of The Vaad Hoier, The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of Greater Cincinnati - Organized 5691

In case of the death or vacancy by resignation of any officer elected and not installed election shall be held at the next regular meeting for this office. The First Vice President shall appoint the minority members of each committee. Bonds shall be requested from the Secretary and Treasurer. Premium to be paid by Vaad.
Roll call.
Reading of minutes
Report of Committees
Unfinished Business
New Business
Financial Statement
The president of the Vaad Ho'ier shall appoint such committees as may be required from time to time from the delegates or from the city at large and only such members as are fit and able to
perform the purpose for which the committees are to be appointed. Any committees appointed by the President shall report to the Vaad Ho'ier, and shall be under their jurisdiction.
There shall be appointed Kashrus Committee under the leader—ship of the Rov to consist of 8 members, five to be from the Vaad Ho'ier and appointed by the President and three to be appointed by the Rov from the city at large. This committee shall assume full charge of all matters pertaining to the Kashrus question and report to the Vaad Ho'ier.
There shall be appointed an executive committee consisting of the presidents of each congregation. The duties of this committee shall be to make such recommendations to the Vaad as they see fit, they shall also prepare the program for each meeting. Majority members of this committee shall be considered a quorum. They shall also arrange and prepare the budget covering income and expenses of the Vaad for each year. This committee shall meet at least twice a month or oftener if necessary.
There shall be appointed a committee of not less than three for education, charity, legal work, publicity and junior work, at the meeting in February. The duties of these committees shall be those usually performed by such committees. There shall also be appointed an auditing committee whose duty shall be to audit the books every 6 months and report to the Vaad Ho'ier.
The President or the Rov may appoint such additional associate members upon the above committees from the city at large if they see fit.


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