Constitution of The Vaad Hoier, The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of Greater Cincinnati - Organized 5691

If any delegate acts improperly,charges should be preferred against him in writing and his congregation which he represents should be notified by the secretary with a Registered Letter and receipt for same to be requested, and said charges should be heard at a special meeting of the Vaad Ho'ier. The decision arrived at at this special meeting shall be final and the congregation should be notified of this decision in a registered letter by the secretary, for which he should receive a receipt from the postal authorities. A committee of three should be present at the hearing representing the delegate involved.
The Constitution and By Laws may be amended suspended modified or repealed by a vote of two thirds of the total membership of the Governing Board of the Vaad Hoier, at a special meeting called and held for that purpose, after due notice had been given to all of the delegates, and after the matter had been referred to the Agudath Horabbonim far their decision and their consent had been obtained, as mentioned in the Preamble.


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