Article Regarding Agudath Israel of America Quitting the American Jewish Conference in May 1943

May 27 1943

From the Chicago Sentinel
May 27, 1943

Agudath Israel Quits American Jewish Conference

New York, May 24 (JPS)—Charging that "autonomous Orthodoxy" had been discriminated against the Agudath Israel, ultra-Orthodox group, has notified the American Jewish Conference of its withdrawal.

A letter by Rabbi Eliezer Silver, president of the organization, asserted that the Conference had not given the Agudath Israel as many delegates as were assigned to such bodies as the American Jewish Committee, B'nai B'rith and similar membership bodies. It is understood that the Executive Committee of the Conference has pointed out to the Agudath Israel that a number of other religious bodies of an Orthodox nature have already been voted strong delegations. When charged with the fact that it had a limited, in fact unrevealed, membership, the Agudath Israel officers replied that they represented the bulk of American Jewry regardless of membership.


Identifer: CJF-2011053


Agudath Israel of America

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