Covedale Cemetery Association Voting Outcome, 1944

February 18 1944

Cincinnati, O., February 18, 1944.
Dear Sir:
At a meeting of the Covedale Cemetery Association, held on Thursday evening, February 17th, at the Bureau of Jewish Education, a special meeting having been called to take up the matter of assessments, it was voted as follows: Seven of the Associations and Shuls attending voted that there should be 100% assessments for each Shul; two Shuls were absent, and one Shul present not having voted either way.
Enclosed please find bill for one half the year for maintenance of the cemetery.
Very truly yours,

As we wish to take on liability insurance on all the cemeteries, it  is absolutely necessary that we have the correct names as they have been chartered, so that you will be properly covered. Therefore, kindly mail same to us at once.


Identifer: CJF.2012.002.1789


Chevrah Kadisha (Jewish Burial Societies)

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