Kneseth Israel - Installation of Rabbi Eliezer Silver booklet - 5692 (1931)


Wish luck to our genius head (rabbi) and to the
You did with good reasoning and intelligence
To choose a man who possesses knowledge and wisdom
Moshe Stuhlbarg and his Wife
Do not move right or left from the words of our Rav,
Then you will be getting_______
Mayer Tenenbaum
My heart is joyed as you have been awakened from you sleep and to the service of the city you have been sold
Yechezkel Friedman and his Wife
What good and what pleasant together sit
If for only the words of my Rav you lend a sympathetic ear                                Moshe Leib Filakov and his Wife
If two is better than one
How much more so is 10 Congregations unifying
Moshe Levinson and his Wife
H. Morgenstern and his Wife
May Hashem be pleasant with you
And prepare the works of your hands
Binyamin Levinson
A blessing comes right away for a Torah scholar
And long days, wealth, happiness, and success.
Binyamin Hellman and his Wife
You put a crown on the head of a wise scholar
And my wise word from all of man you have fulfilled
S. Baruch and his Wife
In the third blessing by a celebration we bless, May Hashem be pleasant upon you and help you be successful in your actions.

To a Torah scholar is not blessing immediate?
Therefore, help should be given immediately
Yosef Levin and his Wife
 On the our head Rav your have placed your crown
Therefore, with calculations from Heaven you will be helped
S. Frankel and his Wife
If you do not connect the third string
How much more so when the third string is multiplied
H. Zavary and his Wife
Immediately to a Torah scholar blessing comes
If only, all my children did so
Lay Franklin and his Wife
Blessing and success in your actions
And only good and kindness should you chase in your life                                               Mrs. Bluma Shevel

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