Kneseth Israel - Installation of Rabbi Eliezer Silver booklet - 5692 (1931)


A good sign for our leader and the Union of Congregations of our city
We send to you blessing
If only all congregations of the Jewish people would do the same                 Moshe Elchanan Miller and his Wife
On one head out of one thousand you placed a crown
This should be for you a praise and splendor
Eliyah and Eliezer Danzinger and his Wife
In all scholars do they turn to our Rav Rabbi Eliezer
And all his work should be like Achisamach and Eliezer
   Yehoshua Mordechai Segal and his Wife
Hashem should be pleasant upon you
And He should bless all of your actions
 Moshe Isaacs and his Wife
If at all times you listen and guard the words of our Rav
Hashem should guard the covenant and kindness that was sworn to our forefathers                                                Yaakov Tzvi Stern and his Wife
The G-D of our father should increase upon you 1,000 times
And He should bless you like he said to you
Moshe Yitzchak Zilberstadt and his Wife
We bless the third blessing
For a triple celebration                         Simcha Betzalel Katz and his Wife
How many great ones do actions create
Therefore be blessed from heaven and earth’s acquisitions
Tzvi Hirsch Zusman and his Wife
With good reasoning and knowledge you acted
And our city you built                                                     Chaim Zev Miller
You should be blessed with the blessing of Moshe Rabeinu
And more than this, like the promise of Our G-d
The Moskowitz Bros. (Mitzatek and Yosef)
The one from the king of rabbis, the prince from your heads you put
Therefore to the highest heights should you be raised up and established
Yisrael Zelig and Zev Diamond

Because of the good of the city they built the building
Therefore you should merit to see the building bought
Moshe Levin and his Wife
We found 1 of 1,000
Therefore the happiness is increased for us                    Aharaon Isaacs
Blessed is the One who gave Torah to the Jewish people.
And you should be blessed ____
Chaim Lishkov and his Wife                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
You did the right and noble within a full understanding of those words
Therefore may your praise become very very famous
Noson Garden and his Wife
Give Torah to the single unique judge
On which has been prepared for your 1 from 1,000
Moshe Yitzchak Glick and his Wife

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