Kneseth Israel - Installation of Rabbi Eliezer Silver booklet - 5692 (1931)


How much happiness we have
With the pleasure of the crowning of the rabbinate on the head of our genius (leader)
Be merry and rejoice city of Cincinnati in your light
An abundance of good, hidden from you is the wage for your work
I do not fear any more for (kosher) meat because you came close (are here)
Because all that you do is done by the purity of your ceongregation
Outside meat will not be found anymore in your gates
And a foreign hand will no longer touch your pure (kosher)(meats)
From the beginning until the end even chiceck
All will be covered and hidden and if only this could continue forever
Slaughterer’s Union of Cincinnati

You do what is right and proper
They say nine stores sell kosher meat.
(the following was translated from Yiddish which is not my forte)
My butchers, sellers of kosher meat which are under your supervision (symbol of kosher status) from our master and rebbe Rav Eliezer Silver may his years be long and (under the supervision of) the Va’ad Ho’ir we give out utmost wishes of success and happiness and our happiness to our Rab the Leader of the community and the Va’ad Ho’ir in specific and to the entire community of Cincinnati. We wish to all long and blessed days with health wealth and success.
And the ultimate redemption soon.
David Mizrach                              Asher Mehlon
Shmuel Fisher                               Asher Asherovitz
Baruch Cohen                               David Bershetsky
Moshe Becker                               Shaul Pilder
Yosef Becker

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