Kneseth Israel - Installation of Rabbi Eliezer Silver booklet - 5692 (1931)


Good Luck
I am publicly announcing a congratulations to the head prince of the community the presidents and treasurers of the congregations on the establishment of the Va’ad Ho’ir and Union of congregations in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio. On the day of the crowning and the installing of your Rabbi and leader the genius dear, fortress R. Eliezer Silver, may his years be long. From heaven have we merited this genius, Presidend of Agudath America and Canada. Splendor has increased in your city.
With his deep strength it is certain that city will be arranged and nourished with judgment. Because besides his greatness in Torah and wisdom he is one of the communal organizers in our generation and he is in truth “a ladder with his feet on the ground and his head in the clouds.” My blessing has already been said: “Blessing comes immediately for a Torah scholar.”
Shlomo Levin from Chicago

Welcome in the name of Hashem
I am going to open with my a heartfelt blessing to my master and to the on the praiseworthy of this generation of rabbis, geniuses, great ones that are publicly known, noblemen of the Torah who stand gushing to fix the  problems of the nation he is also the head and member of the Union of Rabbis of America and Canada. To this day they have entered to lead semi-annually in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio. The establishment of righteous ones is good for them and good for the world. May it be that Hashem fulfills your desires and the fruits of your labor as you wish, to establish a glorified leader in Torah and to have his wisdom.
Shlomo Leven from Chicago

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