Kneseth Israel - Installation of Rabbi Eliezer Silver booklet - 5692 (1931)


Good luck and 1,000 blessings to our President, the genius___ R. Eliezer Silver and to the Union of Congregations of the city of Cincinnati and the members of the Va’ad Ho’ir. Our hope is that they (the city) recognize and they know the beauty and splendor of our head leader in our land and that they should be blessed.
Union of Rabbis in America and Canada
To our dear friend, one of the carriers of the flag of Torah and religion the rabbi and true genius our master R. Eliezer Silver, President of the Union of Rabbi and President of the Va’ad Harbonim_______.
From the depth of my heart we bless with 1,000 blessings the crown of Torah and the city of Cincinanti. Praiseworthy are you, city of Cincinnati, because you merited a man who leads a nation distinguished from 1,000 who because of it the world was created and because of it the world stands. Hashem gave him success in all of his endeavors.
His peer and start, Va’ad Harbonim
Dmasses (??)
Give respect to my dear friend, the son of a friend, the well known genius and superb expert in Talmud and Torah Eliezer Silver. May Hashem rise up a blessing. I am happy because he dons the crown of the rabbinate of the city of Cincinnati, Hashem should be with you and you should grow. I wish also that Cincinnati should not cease to serve in the general public and they should not leave us and Hashem to fill the requests of your heart in the proper way for a great man.
His friend and acquaintance and blessing with cognratulations
Chaim Ozer Grodzinksi
____ My love, dear friend, the rav, great true genius, splendor of the Torah our master R. Eliezer Silver savior of Judaism, congratulations. How great is my happiness that the congregations that unified and the Va’ad Ho’ir of Cincinnati had the good sense to choose for their crowning head of rabbinate the great head of them all the genius that stands as a banner of greatness in his Torah and fear and his actions have chosen for him to be the head of the congregations of Cincinnati. Good lucj and success (to you), sit by his cup in ease and you should be blessed as it is said “to a Torah scholar blessing is immediate.”
 His dear friend who appreciate his value, genius, and actions
Avraham Dovbear Kahana Shapiro head of the Beth Din of Kovno


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