Agudas [Agudath] Israel of America and Canada - Second Annual Convention Booklet August 22 - 26, 1940


Shabbos night (Friday night)
Oneg Shabbos in Knesseth Israel Synagogue
Shabbos Morning
Speeches in all synagogues and Kiddush
4:00 in the afternoon in Knesseth Israel Synagogue. Completion of the Seder Moed in Daf Hayomi of Agudath Israel by The Rav and President and one of the leaders in our country. The beginning of Mesechta Yavamos lead by The Rav R. Korb rabbi in Chicago
The third meal
Traditional after Shabbos meal in B’nei Ya’akov Agudath Israel Synagogue, Forest Ave.
After Shabbos
Report. Lecture on family purity, Lecture on the purpose of Agudath Israel
Session 4
10:30 in the morning in Knesseth Israel Synagogue
Lecture on Agudath Israel youth
     “     Federation meeting
     “     Agudath Israel Employees
Session 5
3:00   Suggestions/Proposals from the different

In the evening: a bitter eulogy on that which was taken from us the unique individual in our generation the true scholar R. Chaim Ozer (Grodzinksy) of blessed memory the head and the founder of the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah of Agudath Israel

Identifer: CJF.2012.002.1719


Agudath Israel of America; Kneseth Israel Congregation of Cincinnati (Rabbi Silver’s shul)

Kneseth Israel Congregation Collection, Rabbi Jacob Lustig Collection

Convention Held in 1940 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  

Rabbi Eliezer Silver, an Eastern European-trained rabbi, established the first office of Agudath Israel in America during the 1930s, organizing its first conference in 1939. After the Holocaust, some prominent rabbis made their home in America who established amoetzes ("[supreme] council") and the movement began to grow rapidly with the rise of the yeshiva-based and Hasidic Orthodox communities.

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