Article Regarding Rabbi Eliezer Silver Taking a Temporary Break From Public Affairs in 1945

March 23 1945

From The Jewish Post – Friday, March 23, 1945
Rabbi Eliezer Silver Takes a Walk
Rabbi Eliezer Silver, of Cincinnati, is offended. He is “taking a walk.” This former president of the Orthodox Rabbis, is withdrawing from all activities outside of his town, because he is disappointed in the non-militant orthodoxy of his colleagues. He wanted a loud outcry against “heathen” (liberal) instruction of Jewish children in Palestine. Other rabbis did not help him. So he quit.
In a statement to the press, he says he will cease to travel. He will not even answer correspondents at all time. He begs to be excused, but he also begs to withdraw.
He will retire to his study, he will write, and he will read.


Identifer: CJF-2014029


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