Silver Medal Struck In Memoriam of Anne Frank (“I still believe in the good of mankind”)

The Front / Obverse depicts a portrait of Anne Frank, Born 1929 (1945).  With a quote from her diary in German, “Ich Glaube An Das Gute Im Menschen” (I still believe in the Good in Mankind”)

Identifer: CJF-RFC2013004


Ann Frank

Holocaust Medals, Plaques, Tokens & Pins

Medal commemorating the life of Annelies Marie “Anne” Frank (1929 – 1945), renown Jewish diarist and aspiring writer who lost her life in the Holocaust and WWII

Mintage:          Minted in Holland, struck at the Royal Begeer Mint in Ultrecht, Netherlands.  Also issued in gold (.900), 26mm.  Limited issue of 25,000 (in silver).  Issued by International Bullion & Medal Brokers, Ltd.

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