Anne Frank / Remember the Holocaust Medal

Reverse:          A hand holding the Six Point Star with the word “Jood” (Dutch for “Jew”) rises behind strands of barbed wire, forming a stark memorial to the victims of the Holocaust.  The word “Remember” in Hebrew, the Holocaust dates of 1933-1945, the words “Remember” and “Holocaust”.  The Six Point Star, once a mark of the persecuted, has since become the proud symbol of a nation.

Identifer: CJF-RFC2013006


Ann Frank; Medals

Holocaust Medals, Plaques, Tokens & Pins

Edge:               The Corporation’s emblem and initials: IGCMC – מממת and a serial number.  Silver medals: Sterling 925.  Gold medals: milled edge.
Design:            Alex Shagin, world-renowned medallic artist, who emigrated from the Soviet Union, after having designed the USSR’s 1980 Olympic coin series, in search of artistic freedom and his Jewish identity.
Mintage:          Minted in Bronze, Silver and Gold

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